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Quality Policy

Colonial Companies is committed to meeting our customer’s needs through continuous improvement of our quality management system.

Additional Quality Information

20221020 114633-Colonial CompaniesColonial Companies provides quality products and services on time to our customers. The material we supply will meet the specifications of your written purchase order. If specific requirements are not provided on the purchase order and specifically agreed to by Colonial, industry ASTM standards will apply.

If there is an issue with material supplied by Colonial, our goal is to resolve a claim within 30 days from receipt of the claim, although Colonial does not warrant or guarantee that such a time period is possible.

All claims must be made in writing, and no claim will be considered if it is submitted more than 90 days after the material ship date. Purchaser specifically agrees that it waives any and all rights to file a claim that has not been made to Colonial in writing within 90 days of shipment from Colonial’s facilities.

For best resolution of any claim, please promptly notify your Colonial Customer Service Representative.

If not supplied with the claim, Colonial will require a Purchaser to provide tag identification number(s) with individual mult identification number(s) along with pictures and/or samples. These other items must be provided if requested by Colonial to assist in the determination of the root cause of the problem. If Purchaser fails or refuses to provide pictures and/or samples upon request of Colonial, Purchaser hereby waives any and all claims of liability against Colonial.

Rejected material must be quarantined until written notification is provided by Colonial as to the disposition of the material. Colonial reserves the right to scrap, rework or resale the rejected material.

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A claim that an order has been rejected does not affect the applicability of the terms and conditions outlined above, or the terms of the Quality Policy contained herein. Purchaser must not issue debits or take deductions until claims have been investigated and a final resolution has been determined. If Colonial determines that a claim is valid, a credit will be issued by Colonial to the Purchaser for any accepted claims. Unilaterally applying a credit without the express written consent of Colonial, will result in Purchaser’s default as per the terms and conditions.

Purchaser further agrees to adhere to the Material Handling and Storage Guidelines provided below. In the event Purchaser fails to adhere to these guidelines, Purchaser agrees that any and all warranties, claims, or other bases of liability shall be deemed null and void, and any remedies allowed by the terms and conditions, applicable law, or otherwise, are waived.

Material Handling & Storage Guidelines

  1. When material is received by Purchaser, it must be inspected for damage that may have occurred in transit (such as tears, forklift damage, broken pallets, etc.). If damage is detected, notation must be made on incoming bill of lading.
  2. During storage, material must be kept in the original packaging to protect the material from moisture and prevent rust.
  3. Material must be kept in a clean, dry area at a constant temperature.
  4. If material is partially used, unused material must be re-wrapped in the rust resistant bags, if provided.
  5. Stock must be rotated. Maximum recommended shelf life is 6 months.